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prairie textures…

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Totally gorgeous….

"A slow-motion study by Norman McLaren of the pas-de deux adagio, one of the most exacting and difficult dances of classical ballet. A ballet originally choreographed by the Russian ballet master Asaf Messerer is performed for this film by the internationally known Canadian pair, David and Anna-Marie Holmes, to the music of Albinoni’s Adagio. A film to heighten the aesthetic appreciation of classical ballet and to afford observation of the technique and mechanics of the adagio movements. Directed by Norman McLaren. 1971."

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The newly restored Webb Farmhouse in the recently expanded Meadow Garden at Longwood Gardens. The house has been there since the mid-1700s.

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A very unique shoreline on deer pond.  Some minerals dissolved out leaving unusual caves and openings in the rock wall.

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Goosenecks State Park, Southeast Utah

An entrenched meander on the San Juan River 1,000 feet deep and exposing 300 million years of rock.

There are more than six miles of river over a distance of one and a half miles.

The San Juan River starts in the mountains of southwest Colorado and runs west through northern New Mexico and Southern Utah until it drains into the Colorado River (at Lake Powell) eventually going through the Grand Canyon.

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I need direction to perfection

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Happenings in my backyard #rmnp

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Creek fern reflections.

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